The Nature Walk  LbNA # 18377 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 1 2005
CountyEl Paso
LocationEl Paso, TX
Found By pokeyfire
Last Found Jul 5 2008
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Clues require some thought and observation.
Distance: Under a 1/4 mile walk from start to finish.
Elevation: Less than 100 feet.
Stamp: Custom-made. Multi-color ink pad included.
Condition: MISSING - 22 JUL 2010.


This Letterbox is a LETTERBOX-HYBRID, meaning it is co-located with a Geocache. It is located in The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department - Franklin Mountains State Park - Tom Mays Unit. Entry is $4.00 per person, children 12 & under free. This letterbox-cache is approved by TPWD.

The BLACK logbook, stamp and ink pad are the letterbox portion. If you are letterboxing, stamp your stamp in the letterbox logbook, and stamp the letterbox stamp in your logbook. Write a personal note in the log if you like. It is that easy!

If you would like to hunt this as a Geocache, it is waypoint GCQRV0 (zero).

The GREEN logbook is the Geocaching logbook. If you write in this logbook, PLEASE LOG IT ON-LINE at GEOCACHING.COM TOO! DO NOT put letterbox stamps in the Geocaching logbook. The waterproof paper will not take the ink, and it will make a mess.

To find it as a letterbox, start from the junction of Trans Mountain Road and I-10 on the West Side of El Paso. Drive east 3.8 miles on Trans Mountain Road to the entrance to Tom Mays Park on the left. Enter the park, and pay the fee at the front gate or at the ranger booth as the signs indicate. Once paid in - follow the main road past the ranger booth until you get to the second large parking area on the right - just across from the Nature Walk. Park in the lot. The letterbox is just across the street.

Cross the street to the Nature Walk. Follow the trail to the West. When you approach the bridge, stop at the first board. Look at the bridge. There are a number of posts on both sides holding the rope railing. Count the posts. Now walk to the third post on the right and stop. Take two steps forward and stop. Now – Look for it. What, you don’t see it? Look under your feet!

Note: Enjoy the hike around, and you might look to see what other letterboxes are in the area while you are there.