State Arboretum Letterbox Series  LbNA # 18382

Placed DateOct 1 2005
LocationAugusta, ME
Found By Daytrippers54
Last Found Oct 11 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 26 2015

Revised 10/23/2005
I listed the wrong type of tree for the DAR Gardens box. It is correct now. Sorry to all.
Revised 5/27/2006
I have again replaced the Shuttle Craft Box and this time moved it to a slightly different position in the hopes that it will remain dry. I would really like this box to do well since I think that the idea of these trees long journey is just so amazing. The clues are changed to reflect the new position.

The Pine Tree State Arboretum in Augusta offers many trails to hike and programs are available to learn more about the natural surroundings in the area. Trails are for foot traffic, non-motorized vehicles, even horses. Pets are welcome on a leash (they even lend you a leash if you need it!). Maps are available on line at as well as more information about their offerings. It is open 7 days a week from dawn to dusk and is free of charge.

Park in the lot in front of the visitors center and walk past “Smokey” to the trail information board. Take a map if you didn’t get one online and sign in the visitor book.

Follow the Hosta Garden trail until it connects to the gravel path. Turn right of the gravel path and follow it up hill. When you are near the DAR Garden sign, turn right on the grassy path and continue through the break in the trees to the field beyond. Turn right after you clear the trees. About seven paces down the hill stop and look to your right. There is a red pine tree clearly visible there. Behind this tree, under a flat rock is the DAR letterbox.

Now return to the where you left the gravel path earlier. Look for the Viles Pond Loop sign. There is a “V” in the paths. Take the smaller path to the right and continue up the hill to the picnic benches and past the “port-a pots” to the path behind them. When Viles Pond Loop turns right, continue straight down hill. You will pass a couple of split log benches. At the bottom the path curves left and then meets a gravel path. Turn right on the path. With the pond in front of you, turn right past the water sign, go through the trees and then across the bridge on your left. Once over the bridge take the trail on your left. At the “V” bear right and go up hill. Pass the Forest Protection sign. Come out of the forest in the Space Shuttle Pines.

These trees were planted from seeds that were taken into space aboard the space shuttle Atlantis on its 39th flight in 1991.

Go straight past the trees until the last tree is on your left. There should be a trail on your right. Take this trail and you will walk over two flat stones imbedded in the path. After the second stone, stop. Turn left and notice a large rock on the ground with a double trunked tree against it.. Between the double trunked tree and the large rock is the Space Shuttle Letterbox.
CAUTION: This box will need to be rehidden VERY well if it is to survive. Please help with this by making sure it is completely out of sight.

If you have the trail map, you have a choice of returning the way you came, or taking on of the other paths and discovering more treasures in this peaceful wonderland of discovery.

Please re-hide these boxes well and enjoy this gift from the state of Maine.