Jacksonville Tomatofest-Texas Festival Series  LbNA # 18394 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 1 2005
LocationThe Woodlands, TX
Found By Binki
Last Found Dec 25 2006
Hike Distance?

**REPLANTED/MOVED** **Possibly Missing as of 3/26/07**
Jacksonville Tomatofest - Texas Festival Series

Planted by Runs For Chocolate & carved by Frye Team

Though this box isn't planted in Jacksonville, it is in honor of the Jacksonville Tomatofest which is held every year on the 2nd Saturday in June. Jacksonville, Texas was once know as the Tomato Capital of the world. Events include Tomato Eating Contest, Couch Tomato 'No Sweat'
Olympics, Tomato Town, Best Home Grown Tomato, Arts & Crafts, Entertainment and much more.

The closest to fresh tomatoes you will get here is the HEB Woodlands Market store which is right by this letterbox. If you have never been to this HEB Specialty store, be sure to stop by and be amazed at all the wonderful things they carry. They have a large variety of tomatoes including the large heirloom tomatoes - they were gorgeous and about 3 lbs each. The entire shopping area that this HEB is in is called Market Street. It was designed to give you the old downtown shopping feeling. There are lots of fun shops( my favorite is Luke's Locker!) there and just a lot of neat things to look at. If you are feeling hungry or thirsty, Starbucks, Coldstone Creamery, Jamba Juice, Johnny Rockets, Cafe Express, Grotto, and La Madeline ( to name a few!) are located here as well.

DIRECTIONS: From I-45, exit Lake Woodlands Parkway and head west. You will pass The Woodlands Mall on the left and Target on the right. You will continue driving through Six Pines. Once you are past that light, you will
see an entrance to Market Street on your left (it actually takes up the full square block) - PASS THIS FIRST ENTRANCE. Go to the next entrance on your left before you get to Grogans Mill Rd.

CLUES: Once you enter the lot, take your first right and then another immediate right. You are heading for the corner right by the stone HEB/Cafe on the Run sign. From the light pole, count 12 steps west (toward the Kids store) or count 10 shrubs. On your immediate right you will see
to small trees growing together. The one on the right is a pine tree. The camo box is hidden behind the pine tree. This area is busy and there are also patrols on bicycles and horses so please be discreet. Rehide well and go enjoy HEB and the rest of the area.

There are weekly outdoor concerts here plus the Cynthia Woods Pavilion is right next door. Check out the Market Street website for more info: http://www.marketstreet-thewoodlands.com/