Above All Letterbox Hybrid  LbNA # 18400

Placed DateOct 2 2005
LocationWarren, CT
Planted ByCanadian Gal    
Found By The Quackers
Last Found May 14 2016
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is off Route 341 in Warren. Approximately 15-20 minutes round trip from the parking spot. This letterbox is a geocache hybrid as well. If you have never heard of geocaching please visit www.geocaching.com for more information.

At the traffic light in Warren, turn onto Sacket Hill Road and travel south. {If you are traveling West on Route 341 it is a left hand turn, if you are traveling East on Route 341 it is a right hand turn}

On your right you will see Warren Congregational Church. You can stop and read about the town if you like, which was settled in 1737.

Travel just under 1 mile on Sacket Hill Road until you reach Above All Road. Turn right onto Above All Road. This is a dead end road.

Travel exactly 1 mile on Above All Road and on your right you will see a large field, across from the field on your left is a small parking pull off. There is a green gate and a small yellow and black sign nailed to a tree that says Connecticut State Land. Park here.

Walk beyond the green gate, this is an old road, grown over with grass, but smooth and easy walking. Follow this road to the top of the hill. Once at the top of the hill you will find an old abandoned building.

This used to be a Radar Installation. It was once used for a Cold War missile defense system. Take a look around. Radar is fun!

Facing the building turn to your right and you will see a large ground rock about 20 or so yards away. Go to this large rock, at approximately the center of it look to the ground and you will see a Geodetic Survey marker. Reference to this marker says Above All. Standing on the marker face the building again and to your right you will see a small footpath between two small trees.

From the marker follow the footpath and walk approximately 30 steps and on your left you will see a very large tree with many large branches, one of which a smaller tree has grown up and looks as though it is holding up one of the branches.

At this tree turn right and walk approximately 8 steps to a very large rock. You will be able to see this rock from the footpath. At the back right corner of this rock is where you will find the Above All letterbox hidden under some rocks and loose pieces of bark.

Please use care when removing and replacing the bark as it is brittle. We hope you enjoy our letterbox and please email us and let us know how it is doing.

There are two log books. Please sign the one marked letterboxing. PLEASE NOTE...this is also a geocaching container. Please DO NOT take any of the items in the container that are related to geocaching. There may be travel bugs placed in the container that relate to geocaching and the owners will get upset if they are taken by accident. Thank you for your cooperation!