The Legend of Devil Dog  LbNA # 18418

OwnerSophie & Me    
Placed DateOct 1 2005
LocationLannon, WI
Found By shooting starz
Last Found Nov 5 2014
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The Legend of Devil Dog

Last checked and in place 4/08

This box was originally placed at Menomonee Park for the Haunted Harvest Gathering of 2005.

This is a cautionary tale! It may very well happen to you or someone you know someday, so take heed! This is the story of an everyday, normal Midwestern couple named Dave and Chris. Dave and Chris were very sad and lonely. Their old faithful dog, Jake had just gone to Dog Heaven, and there was an emptiness in their lives that only another canine could fill. They decided to adopt another dog. The dog they adopted was just a little puppy and she seemed so innocent and helpless.....(at the time). Dave and Chris were enamored with their new dog and regarded her as a child. They would buy her pretty, new collars, dozens of stuffed animals and chew toys and gave her treats up the ying-yang. She was taken on daily trips to the dog parks, went on letterboxing road trips, and even slept on the bed between Dave and Chris! A dog could not have asked for a more pampered and luxurious life!

However.....As the dog grew in size, she also grew in mischief! Despite all the love, attention and toys showered upon her, the dog instead preferred to pull various socks and underwear out of the clothes hamper and chew holes in them. She ransacked the kitchen garbage cans. She chased through the neighborhood after cats, squirrels and bunnies. She rolled in fecal matter of unknown origins. She jumped on people whether her paws were clean or covered with mud. She dug for buried treasure in the cat litter box. She pooped in the neighbors' yards. She would often be taken by unprovoked fits of energy that would last for hours on end. Dave and Chris had come to the conclusion that their dog was possessed by a demon.......that she was not really the innocent dog they adopted, but a DEVIL DOG sent straight from hell to torment them!!!! Before long, Dave and Chris were drained of their energy, their spirit, and their expendable income.

What could they do? This dog was sucking the life out of them! And yet, she had them under such a spell of love and affection, that they couldn't possibly get rid of the four-pawed hell raiser! Dave and Chris consulted with priests, shamans, veterinarians, behavior specialists, and even tried to channel the spirit of their late dog, Jake. But it was all in vain! The dog was relentless and could not be reprogrammed to behave appropriately!

One Sunday afternoon, Dave and Chris took their little "Spawn of Satan" to Menomonee Park for some exercise. As always, the moment their truck pulled into the parking lot, the Devil Dog hopped right out and took off before they could get the leash on her. They called her name and tried to get her back before the park ranger yelled at them, but she just looked at them as if to say, "Yeah, right! Smell ya' later, suckers!" and darted the other way! "Dang it!" yelled Dave, "Let's get her before she takes a dump somewhere and we get fined for littering!"

The Devil Dog ran along the lake, passed the fishing docks and dove into the water. She swam over towards the scuba divers and started chewing on their equipment! "Oh, crap!" cried Chris, "Sorry about that!" she yelled to the divers, "I swear! We'll give you money to replace that tube-thingy our dog just chewed on your scuba thing-na-bob!" Devil Dog swam to shore and climbed out of the lake and ran up to the scuba parking lot. Once she got there she promptly shook her wet fur all over a little, old lady who was struggling to get out of her car. Dave and Chris were close behind, following in Devil Dog's path of destruction. "Sorry, ma'am! We're really sorry!" they said to the old woman, who in turn gave them a course finger gesture.

Devil Dog took off on the path just north of the scuba parking lot, with Dave and Chris following in pursuit! (Dave and Chris were not in the best of shape, so Devil Dog had quite and advantage over them!) She ran and ran, darting this way and that! At the fork in the trail, she stopped to mark her place, then headed to the right, and over a small wooden bridge.

On the other side of the bridge, she ran up the middle trail until she came to a small picnic area. A family was gathered there enjoying a nice cookout. A man and his son were playing Frisbee, while his wife and two daughters were getting the food ready at the table nearby. Being the consummate party-crasher that she is, Devil Dog snatched the Frisbee away from the boy, ran over to the picnic table, climbed on top and stepped in the bowl of potato salad. The family froze in stunned silence, not knowing what to do! Devil Dog snatched a steak from one of the plates and leaped off the picnic table, spilling most of the plates, bowls and utensils to the ground. The little boy started to cry. The man started swearing, and the woman and her daughters ran to the forest for cover.

A few minutes later, Dave and Chris came upon the picnic massacre. "Oh my gosh! We are so, incredibly sorry!" they said to the family. "You should have better control over your dog!" admonished the understandably angry man. "Yeah, tell us about it!" replied Dave and Chris as they continued their chase after the Devil Dog.

Devil Dog darted passed the parking lot and across the street, almost getting hit by a car! She continued on a trail directly across from the parking lot until she came to a tree with "L" shaped branches, planted on the right hand side of the trail.

From there, she took the trail to the right, went about 20 paces and hid behind a very large tree on the left, layed down and finished chewing on the stolen steak, wagging her tail with self-satisfaction. (reach deep inside and to the left if you want to nab that Devil Dog!) She was so busy gnawing on the T-bone, that she didn't notice Dave and Chris sneaking up behind her. "Gotcha!" exclaimed Dave, as he hooked the leash on the wayward dog's collar. Both Dave and Chris knelt down and hugged and kissed their little Devil Dog, because even though she could behave like evil incarnate, they loved her so much and couldn't stay mad at her.

"Let's get out of here before someone calls the cops on us!" said Chris, and the three of them walked back to the truck and headed home for Waukesha, and lived happily ever after!

The End

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