Halloween Surprise Series  LbNA # 18425 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 2 2005
LocationGriffin, GA
Planted Bycastles16    
Found By BrewHiker
Last Found Oct 23 2005
Hike Distance?

NOTICE: I pulled this series until the fall. They are doing some major clean-up around the park. Box 1 was confirmed missing, so I pulled the rest. I might have lost all of them, and didn't want to take that chance.
Directions: Wyomia Tyus Olympic Park
From Atlanta, take I-75 South, to US hwy 19/41 South, exit 235.
Travel this highway 30.4 miles until you get to Griffin, and turn right onto GA hwy 92 towards Fayetteville.
Go .8 miles to the second light, take a right onto Cowan Rd.
Go .4 miles to Wyomia Tyus Olympic Park on the left, 1301 Cowan Road, Griffin, GA.

Difficulty: Easy

Upon entering the park, take the first road on the right.
1. Are you tired, need a rest? There is a room on the right ready for you. Facing the room, look to the far left. Web Link is posted in the bushes.

Continue in this parking lot to the very end.
2. Look for the double swing gate with stop signs. Facing the gate, go to the left, and look for the water meter cover. Take 3 steps to the right. Jack O’ Lantern is about to light up the lines to make a phone call.

Take this road back to the main Drive through the park. Follow this Drive to the next road on the right, beside the pavillions.
3. Rested now, ready to play? Look for the mysterious animals of the wild. Go behind the hippo and putting your rear to his, locate the big pine. Prowler is ready to pounce from behind this tree.

Now, walk to the lake and proceed around clockwise.
4. Just past the cluster of five trees is a decaying stump about 12” tall. Someone is Watching You?

Go back to the main Drive and turn right again. At the end of the park, this Drive will begin to circle back around.
5. Find the gravel path where the Drive started to curve. There is an orange construction net here. Take this path and look for the group of large rocks on your left. Spooky haunts this dark place.

Next, head to the front of the park. There are brick walls marking the entrance/exit.
6. You will find what you seek beside the brick wall. It’s a Halloween Surprise.

If you found all six, you have completed the series and won your treat.
If not, was it all just a trick???