Take Me To The River (#1 in the Rivertown Series)  LbNA # 18429 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 3 2005
CountyContra Costa
Location???, CA
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This city is nicknamed "The Gateway to the Delta".

For all it's bedroom community banality and headache-inducing traffic, there is still a small town feel, especially in RIVERTOWN.

Locate the "birthplace" of this city of 100,000+ as commemorated by a small plaque set in an old brick chimney.

Next to the plaque are a couple of old palm trees with fronds so large and thick that they form a sort of canopy.

The box is up in the middle of the palm tree. Enjoy the lovely view of the San Joaquin. Walk down the tracks a bit and have a drink at the Riverview Inn. If you are in to history and architecture, check out the many pre-1906 buildings which remain.

I plan on hiding at least two more in "Rivertown."