Quartz Galore  LbNA # 18434 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 2 2005
LocationGlastonbury, CT
Found By Donutz716
Last Found Mar 29 2006
Hike Distance?

Terrain – Dirt path
Difficulty – Easy
Round Trip – 30 minutes
Planted by River D, Fairylover and T-Rose

Find Portland, CT on map and go there. ( south of Hartford Rte 84)
Cross the Portland Bridge on 17 A West, keeping the river on your left.
Pass the Portland Fairgrounds on your left.
At the T- Intersection, take a left onto Rte 17 aka Glastonbury Turnpike.
As you cross the border from Portland to Glastonbury
IMMEDIATELY look to the right.
Take first street on right marked by a white stone post - Islingtonglass Rd.
Cross little white bridge.
Take a right onto Thompson Hill Rd.
Take a left onto East Cotton Hill Rd.
The road will dip and you’ll see power lines above you and a little clearing on the left hand side of the road, enough for two or three cars to park. Please park here.
From your parked car it’s a 15 minute hike.
Follow the trail up the hill under the power lines.
It curves to the left.
As you top the rise, on your left you’ll see white quartz littering the ground.
We’ve found mica, smoky quartz, clear quartz, red garnets and green beryl in the rocks.
Take the path on your left into the woods.
At the fork, bear right, passing the rocky shelf.
Path climbs small hill.
At the top of the hill there is cleft in the earth, with boulders peeping out from the dirt.
Bearing right, walk along the edge.
When the rift ends, check out the pile of white rock on the left hand side.
Letterbox is in the crack.

Watch for red-backed salamanders when you’re lifting rocks.
Watch for snakes in the summer, they love the sun baked stones.
Sometimes the first part of the trail is flooded in spring – very muddy by the cattails.