Possum Hill Explorer  LbNA # 18445 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 1 2005
CountyNew Castle
LocationNewark, DE
Planted Byfindfamilyrobinson    
Found By Letterbox Loon
Last Found Mar 21 2009
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Possum Hill Explorer Letterbox Trail

This trail is about 2.25 miles through fields and woods. The trail is frequented by mountain bikers who are generally very courteous, but you must be alert for them. There are plenty of benches along the way. Pack water and a snack or sandwich to enjoy midway through. In summertime, embark in the early morning to avoid the heat.

The main letter box is about 2/3 of the way through the trail. The remainder of the trail winds through fields, so save water for this part! If you plan it right, this can be a very enjoyable and challenging hike. Look for lots of butterflies, toads, wildflowers, deer tracks, and mica.

START – White Clay Creek State Park – Possum Hill. The park is located on Rt. 72 (Papermill Rd.) across from the Middle Running Crossing development. During the summer season, there is a self-assessed fee per car of $3 for Delaware residents and $6 for non-residents.

Look for the start of the trail to the right of the billboard and fee box. Start out SW 210 degrees toward the white barn. Stay on path.

Note rusted pump as you round the barn. You will walk between a wire fence on left and wooden one on right.

Just beyond is a large pine tree on right of path. In a short distance you will come to a fork in the road. Before proceeding, look to your right. Take 8 paces to two large rocks near a large metal tube. Find your first micro-box.

Return to path and follow blue arrow for Bryan’s Field Trail across the field and into the woods until you come to a bench. Enjoy a leg-resting party if needed.

From bench, go 15 paces along path. See tree with Chinese symbol on your left. Go 45 more paces.

Look to your left and see a magnificent tree with exposed roots. Cirlce to find the mark left by Jill and her father. Below that you will find your second micro box.

Return to path and continue across 2 bridges.
Confirm you are going SW 240 degrees once you re-enter the woods.

At the next fork, turn left, continuing on Bryan’s Field Trail SW 230 degrees for 60 paces. Look for a greatly decayed, fallen tree on the left of the path. Your next micro box will be at the tri-fork.

Return to path and follow to nearby bench and leg-resting party.

Go past the Bike Skills Trail entrance. You will emerge in the sunshine again briefly and return to the woods where the path will wind until you reach a bridge.
Confirm you are heading East 90 degrees. Stop for a leg-resting party ahead if needed, (but save your lunch for the upcoming overlook.)

At bench, you have two options – continue along path or take a brief detour. Note, detour may take you into steep muddy area, depending on the time of year. Meant for true explorers.

START DETOUR – Go 30 paces along path until you see a large double tree on the left of the trail. Make a sharp left through the brush and down toward the creek. Turn left to walk across the creek rocks. Continue up a knoll where two large trees stand a foot a part. Squeeze between them and look for the ruins of an old pool or cistern. To the right and farther off the trail, see if you can find the old spring house. Head back across the creek and walk along it. The creek should be on your left. The land will flatten. Before you come to a big stump, make a sharp right and head back up to the path. END DETOUR

Continue on Bryan Field Trail NE at 60 degrees until you reach the Overlook. Time to enjoy the scenery and some refreshment.

Continue along path. You will begin to hear the sound of a nearby road.

At next fork, take Bryan’s Field Trail north over the bridge. You will come to another fork. Turn left toward Mason Dixon Monument. You will be going NW at 300 degrees. Eventually you will see an unusual monument on your left. This is it.

With your back to “WEST” go 240 degrees 12 paces to the hugging trees. Find the final box.

Back track: Return to the path and turn right. At the fork, turn left to finish the Bryan’s Field Trail. You can put your paper away and follow the path if you like now.

Path snakes through several fields.

See rusted water tower in the distance on the right and ruins of a building.

Just beyond the gray barn on the left is a bike ramp, which doubles as a leg-resting spot. Last chance to get some water! Soon you will see the white barn on the left. You will sneak through a tiny patch of woods and find yourself where you began.

Hope you enjoyed the hike!

If you need to report any problems, please email: findfamilyrobinson@yahoo.com.