Gone Fishin' (#2 In the Rivertown Series)  LbNA # 18504 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 6 2005
CountyContra Costa
Location???, CA
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(ok- sort of.. I'm from Texas- our blues are a little different. Apologies to Muddy Waters)

In the Gateway to the Delta
I find myself again
Been feelin' these Delta Blues
Since I can't remember when
Fokes are yackin on their cellphones
Spendin all their time just dishin
Not me, not me, not me
I can cure my blues by fishin...
Oh Lord, please free me, set my hook
Give me back my river nook
Don't want to give that devil Highway 4
Another long, long dirty look

So just find the municipal pier
In this lovely Delta town
And follow the gray water pipes
All the way down
To the water's edge
Neath a flat rock
Pick it up you'll find the box
Walk on down the city pier
Enjoy the lazy river
While sittin on your hocks

OK- it's my first blues song- you get the hints, I hope. Enjoy box #2 in the series- #1 is close by.

Filmfan Tam and Princess Cee Cee