Placed DateOct 6 2005
LocationCoralville, IA
Found By Weeble Boo and mama
Last Found Nov 3 2007
Hike Distance?

You are about to hunt for 3 FRIENDLY GHOSTs and their surprize box. Only the third ghost and the surprise box have log books for you to stamp on. All boxes contain inkpads, and stamps are homemade. Ghosts may also leave you surprizes in the boxes.
Hike is easy - on marked trails - great for fall hikes, but please be discreet so our ghosts stay hidden. Our ghosts are all friendly and just a few of the many that probably play in and protect the woods around coralville reservoir. Our ghosts like to hide in/near tree bases, and you will hear them howl if it is windy.

start at the WOODPECKER NATURE TRAIL (on west overlook drive off Dubuque street) follow the trail till you pass marker #2 then start down the haunted stairs. Bear Left at the Y and count 35 steps down. sometimes here you will see/hear ghosts disquised as deer. Pass marker #3 then count 24 stairs plus 4 more. You will see a fallen tree across the path. Ghost #1 (letterbox) is hidden in the base of the fallen dead tree. Have Ghost #1 stamp your book then please tuck him back out of site - he doesn't like daylight much.
To visit ghost #2 continue DOWN the trail then follow the map toward Squire Point staying on the yellow trail. Walk til you cross the 'goblins foot bridge' then take a rest on the bench overlooking the reservoir. continue around an 'S' bend to a fork in the path. from the first log/step follow the path to the right 11 paces (1 pace= 2 steps). In the base of the live tree on your left lives Ghost #2. stamp in and then hide him well.
to visit ghost #3: continue on crossing two fallen logs, and meet up with the main path. follow til you reach the map and green connecting trail. follow the green trail across the large 'ghost bridge'(how many boards?______). Ghost #3hides 8 paces from the end of the bridge behind the base of and old tree that fell across the path (he cut the tree for you.)stamp in here.
You can continue on this path and hike around Squire Point OR turn back across the bridge again to hunt for the final box. return to the map that marks the junction of the green and yellow trail. Take a right and follow the path up through the woods (you may hear ghosts that are too shy to come out as you pass the large fallen tree & ghost playground on your left). Walk up 30 haunted stairs and 22 paces from the top step the ghosts have hidden their bonus box - containing a stamp of their mascot and a few surprizes. It is hidden IN the base of a live tree.
Continue on the trail til it forks, take a left to return back to your car. Hope you had a fun and haunted hike.