the beta pioneers  LbNA # 18528 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 8 2005
Locationnaperville, IL
Found By CMoon
Last Found Dec 30 2005
Hike Distance?

sorry, box reported missing 11-05 replaced 11-22-05 let us know if it's gone again or you can't find it... happy hunting!

Enter at the north end of Pioneer Park at Washington north of Hobson. Cross over the bike trail towards the picnic area until you reach the troll's home. Quietly cross his home and say "hello" to the feathered friends below. On the other side skip the stairs and follow the flow of the river. Walk approximately 20 paces. To the left there will be picnic tables in a small clearing. There is a small trail to the left of the picnic tables that leads to the main trail. Once on the main trail, take a right and follow. Take this trail past an open clearing on the left until you reach the wooden rotonda. So many choices, but stay the straight and narrow. Don't be scared as you pass the graveyard of trees in the valley. At the tree with the "V" continue around to the left. Walk until you reach a "Y" in the trail. On the left is a valley, but first you need to cross over a wooden floor mat. Once you cross the wooden floor mat take this path into the deep valley and climb up the other side to find a fallen giant ahead. In an old knot away from base is the prize.

***Please let us know if the location has been disturbed and be wary of others watching you as this can be a busy park.