A True Goblin - Terrors of Telge  LbNA # 18531

OwnerFrye Team    
Placed DateOct 8 2005
LocationCypress, TX
Found By Pub Crawler
Last Found Oct 17 2011
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A True Goblin - Terrors of Telge Series

Alive & Well: 10-17-2011

***reported missing on 11-25-11 - havent been able to verify that.

The Goblin Shark is a true shark. It has a shovel-like snout, flabby body, and a tail with a weakly developed lower lobe. This species grows to 11 feet long. He has soft, pale, pink-gray skin (paler on the belly), low, rounded fins and a long, asymmetrical tail fin. He is a slow swimming shark. One of the distinctive features of the Goblin Shark is its protrusible mouth. The mouth can retract to a position under the eye, or extend forward under the snout while eating.

The Goblin Shark is found in marine waters to depths of about 1200 m. It lives near the sea bottom in scattered localities through the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

But rumor has it that one of these very rare sharks is waiting a tasty treat dinner in Telge Park in Cypress, Texas.

Clues: To sneak up on this nasty little fish, you must first find Baby Bear’s Park Angel. The more protection the better. Once you have the Park Angel, go back 22 steps to the original path you were on before the small detour to the Park Angel. Continue on down the path toward the creek. At the trail T, you will turn right (turning left will take you to Puppy Love). Walk approximately 60 steps until you see 3 tall pine trees joined together on the right side of the trail. Go behind the 1st tree and there this beast awaits you. Please rehide well and try to recover any footsteps made up the hill as when we were there, the pine needles easily made a trail to the tree.