Signs and Symbols  LbNA # 18559 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 9 2005
LocationLawndale, NC
Planted ByKEMB    
Found By TeamTalbot
Last Found Apr 12 2007
Hike Distance?

This box is missing - sorry!

The box is located near 112 Piedmont Drive for use in getting driving directions!

Difficulty: Easy/Medium (mostly paved surfaces, a hill, and stairs) Watch out for cars.


As you approach the first brick building (past the bank and next to the playing field), there is a streetlight on your left. Across the road on the right is a sign meant for you.

This is where your journey begins.

Get out of your car and look for a grey sign that reminds us that what is lost cannot be replaced. As you sit reflecting, facing the sign is a paved path for you to take.

At the start of the path take ten paces. To your left is a sign not meant for you. Beyond it is a symbol of an old brotherhood.

Ten paces further up the path is a symbol that new life can grow out of distruction.

Follow the path completely up the hill. Just beyond the brown brick building on your right is a sign not meant for you.

Follow the path down around the curve.

At a sign on your right not facing you, go down the stairs to your right.

At the bottom of the stairs on your right is a fequently seen sign.

Directly behind it are three trees in a row. Three is often a symbol associated with many faiths. Behind the third tree is the object you seek. Within is a sign of endearment.