You Otter See This  LbNA # 1856

Placed DateSep 10 2002
LocationNorth Windham, CT
Found By Nairon
Last Found Dec 13 2014
Hike Distance?

rating easy

Replanted May13,2001 Cowboy and Leader of the Pack
Replanted 9-10-02 after dissapperared moved to new spot
clues modified

Take Rte 6 in N.Windham past Walmart and the small Windham airport.
Not long after the shopping district there is a commuter parking lot
on the left. Pull in and park here.

Two otters came out to play
On a sunny winter day.

We saw them slip and slide on the ice
Seeing this is exciting and nice.

We made a box and put it here
Vandals smashed it that was clear.

Same log and stamp recovered now
Have a new home for good now.

Pass through the gate
on any date

Turn right
the path in sight

Follow white lines
through white pines

Down a gentle slope
Even a set of wheels could cope

We passed some logs on the right
In a stack packed tight

We come to a place where someone lived
There steps and cellar hole a memory give.

The flood control moved them on
and so shall you go on

Pass all of their wall
Continue a little more don't stall

Then on the left another set of gaurdrails
This is the end of your trail

Go to 11 th post and look
across the street they took

See a stone
Moss is grown
up a drive there was
a home

Look left the steps
look right a tree
Big as can be

In the bucket
my box with luck it ( will be)

( We actually spied otters at play in the winter from the dike where
you began take a moment to look for the wildlife this park is
abundent in . You may collect Paddle to the Sea letterbox by going
from the same starting point.)

See also the Paddle to the Sea Letterbox, which is nearby.