Scary Vegetables - Midwest  LbNA # 18560 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerLightnin Bug      
Placed DateOct 1 2005
LocationMenomonee Falls, WI
Found By Kermit
Last Found Jul 7 2012
Hike Distance?

A Great Thank You to Wisconsin Hiker and Martini Man for planting these for their "Haunted Harvest Gathering" of 2005. Be verrry scared...

Menomonee Park - Menomonee Falls, WI

There is a fee to enter the park. In 2005 the rates are $5/car on summer weekends and $2.50/car on summer weekdays and any day in the off-season (SEP thru mid-May). If you are a local resident you may wish to purchase an annual pass.

Punk Pepper [Just say "Oi!"]

The farmers harvest many vegetables at the end of the season. Most are benign, and accept their fate as a stir-fry or ratatouille ingredient. Unfortunately a few are mutants that have an EEVIL streak. This is most common among the pumpkins and you can usually see how widespread the problem is on the last day of October. However there are also rebels of other varieties and if you’d like to see some evidence, begin your hunt in Parking Area 1. Look for a trail to the west where an organized group of insects travel. Use caution in crossing the paved area and note the equine intersection. Continue forward as you stalk the scary vegetables. Your first specimen is near when you spy a trail branching off to the left. This is the remnants of the old quarry train line. Just opposite this trail are the seven sisters who are clutching the Punk Pepper in their lap to keep him from escaping and wreaking havoc in the area.

Creepi Cuke [Why Should Spuds have all the fun?]

To see another eerie example, continue forward on the trail until you pass through the yellow gates of doom. Avoid the path sinister and instead take the path of righteousness. Eventually you will see the wood for the eternal fires of hell on your left. When a haunted shack is in sight, look on the right side of the trail for a 4-armed deciduous monster that is northeast of a concrete culvert. The creepi cuke has crept under the rocks to the west of the monster. He’s keeping his eye(s) on you, so be alert as you approach to avoid his antics. (If you reach another gate of doom, you have gone too far.) After your inspection, return to the first gates of doom, then take the trail back toward the parking area.