On the Road to Hell  LbNA # 1857 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 30 2003
LocationPomfret, CT
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A relatively easy in and out hike along the Quinebaug Trail which is mostly old roads with few hills; this portion will take you past Lockes Meadow Pond towards Devil's Den and Hell Hallow. Allot about 1.5-2 hours for 4 miles of hiking, searching and general debauchery. Be wary of the Devil's own instruments of recreation: there appears to be an abundance of motorized vehicles of destruction, so stay alert...

The entrance to The Road to Hell can be found 0.4 miles south on Spaulding Road (which is 1.9 miles west from the intersection of 14A and Route 49.) Parking is at the dirt turn out marking the trail head on the left. Watch for blue blazes.

Begin your journey towards Hell Hallow on the Road to Hell which is conveniently marked with the blue blazes.Wave at Cerberus, if you can spot one of his mangy heads, and continue on the trail. Sneak past the mysterious wreckage (they obviously thought this was the Highway to Hell.) At the first intersection go left and then left again (no- you can't go right to Hell, not yet anyway.)

At the third intersection there should be a stone wall off to the right. Yup. Start looking: idle hands are the Devil's playground.

When you continue along the left hand branch ignore all side trails until you are faced with Lockes Pond. Careful of the rocks paving the way: well meaning or not they are still loose. You will walk around the pond and meadow, keeping them both on your left until you reach the Devil's Crossroad. From here take 66 steps right to Hell, then at 6 deg bushwhack in. Look in a shady spot where the devil would not.

From this point you can continue to Flat Rock Road, and take a right to Devil's Den or you can get the hell out of Dodge and go home.

Stephani and John