Cubbie Bear Rocks!  LbNA # 18582 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 4 2005
LocationBaraboo, WI
Found By CraftyOnes
Last Found Mar 27 2010
Hike Distance?

Note: After checking on this box this spring, we reconsidered the steep climb to get to this box and decided to relocate the box to a more family friendly location and can be found by following these updated clues. 4-15-06

This is an enjoyable family friendly letterbox that involves a free zoo, riverwalk and a great playground all of which hold fond childhood memories for Mrs. Puddlejumper. Consider planning a picnic and staying awhile. While pets are not allowed in this park, we did take Scout on the Riverwalk with us. Savy adult letterboxers may be able to find this box without jumping through all our "number hoops" and therefore can likely take Fido along without going into the park. You will however miss out on the quaint free zoo, the monkey bars and curvy slides.

We chose to hide Cubbie Bear in this location because he is the Mascot for all Awana Club Cubbies. All three of our children have been an Awana Cubbie at one time and our youngest currently is a Cubbie. The last few years our kids have participated in the Awana Games held in Baraboo at the Junior High School not too far from this park and they have fantastic memories. This is the last year we will have a Cubbie Club member in our family. Maybe a Sparky letterbox should be planned as well.......hmm?

From Hwy 12 in West Baraboo turn west onto Locust St. near McDonald's. Travel to Willow St. and turn right, then Left onto Shaw St. Follow Shaw around until it becomes 2nd St. and crosses over the Baraboo River Bridge. Take the first left after the bridge into the lower parking area for the park.

Begin your search by following the paved path going north, but first visit the pedestrian bridge on your left. Notice the number of circular structures on the bridge (A)_____ and the last two digits of the year inscibed at the top of the bridge (B)_____. Now return to the paved path and continue north, enjoying the riverwalk, but also counting all of the benches you find along the way north of the bridge. (C)_____ Once you have counted all of the benches, return to the stone steps and count each step as you ascend to the upper area of the park. (D)_____ Look to your left to spy the stone steps that go nowhere and count them. (E)_____ Look to your right to record the number of spotted horses you see. (F)____

Proceeding on with your quest, visit the free zoo at the top of the hill and find two of Cubbie Bear's cousins behind bars. Record the number of letters in each of their creative names. (G)_____ (H)_____. After enjoying the zoo and the playground, sit down and do some figurin' to locate Cubbie Bear.

Multipy A and C. to get (I)_____

Add I, D, E, F and then divide by 2 and multiply by 3 to get (J)______.

Add G and H to get (K)_____.

Now return down the stone steps and locate the bench to the right of the steps. Go to the north end of that bench and begin counting off (J) steps going north looking out for the "0" tree that you will pass. Once there, look to your right and spot the large tree with branches reaching back to the "0" tree. Go approximately (K) steps up to the rock pile at the base of that tree to find Cubbie Bear's den. Please be discreet and rehide well!

Please enjoy this letterbox hunt!

The Puddlejumpers
Blue Thunder
Little Green Monkey