Halloween in the Harbor  LbNA # 18600

Placed DateOct 11 2005
LocationSouthwest Harbor, ME
Found By FelixPezGirl
Last Found Aug 13 2014
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Halloween in the Harbor Letterbox

This time of year all spooky spirits meet
at Smuggler's Dead where you have a seat
and ride through the night,
to your scary delight,
in woods where ghosts come to fright.

This time of year Oktoberfest is here
with many many glasses of beer...
where taxis are sent,
after the brew is all spent,
and elbows are permanently bent.

Clue to letterbox:
Halloween in the Harbor is rather nearby,
only a minute or two as the crows fly.

After the beer and frights have shown you their thrills,
park your car at The Top of The Hill.

A sign of welcome is what you seek,
crossing Rt.102 is not for the meek!

A big rock shelters your goal,
just be careful you don't loose your soul...

For its Halloween in the Harbor as you now know,
and here's the place all the scary things go!