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The Falling Leaves  LbNA # 1861 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 1 2002
LocationWillimantic, CT
Found By WWW
Last Found Oct 28 2008
Hike Distance?

Replaced and back in service

(Welcome to the Sweeney School kids letterboxing mini course here come the boxes in your backyard Hope all enjoy. Leader of the Pack)

Falling Leaves Letterbox - Lauter Park
Planted 3/1/02

Sweeney School Series
Rated Easy
Planted by Leader of the Pack

From the junction of Rte 195, Jackson and Ash Streets in Willimantic. You will see Chuckys, Cumberland and Mama’s on the corners. Turn onto Gordon Ave, next to the Stone House follow 1/4 mile to the park on your left. It open 11 a.m. to 5:45 daily.

(Leash and doggie cleanup laws in effect) This is a high traffic park in warm weather best to pick an off day to visit the box. Walk down the drive with boulders on your right.

Pass between two stone buildings

Walk to yellowish bench.

From the yellowish bench, continue walking up stream.

Come to a large 4 trunked tree along the river.

Facing the ball fields, turn left and walk 15 paces to 3 trees in a row.

With your back to the river, look for the larges boulder of them all.

Under the largest boulder, behind the rock your prize.

Replace box and stones and fallen leaves. Continue on road past community garden and basketball to get back to your car.

Have Fun – Be safe!