Davies Cove  LbNA # 18630 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 18 2005
LocationPeaks Island, ME
Found By katkidz
Last Found Aug 11 2006
Hike Distance?

Davies Cove

1. Take Casco Bay Lines to Peaks Island, you can walk or take a bike.
2. From the ferry landing on Peaks Island go up the big hill and turn right onto Island Ave.
follow that street, it curves to a left so make sure that you follow it.
3. take the second right from the top of the hill, Whitehead St.
4.Go down Whitehead, and turn left onto Seashore. The road curves to the right and at that curve Whitehead turns into Seashore.
hint* two miles from the turn from Whitehead to Seashore until the letterbox.*hint
5. Follow that rd. past "Doggy Bowl" [it will be on the left hand side]
6. Make sure to keep going on Seashore ave, it takes a 90 degrees turn. you will know if you make the right turn because once you turn you will see the ocean.
7.Follow Seashore Ave. all the way around back shore. make sure you stop to enjoy the beautiful view!
8.You should pass a gray-blue house on the top of a fort/bunker "Big Cat Daddy" 690 Seashore is the address.
9. Once you pass that house you are almost there.
10. Pass the fish mailbox on the left, or 822 Seashore Ave.
11. Then you should pass a white and green house on your left hand side.
12.Right after the fish mailbox, and white and green house, look for a telephone pole that says "CMP #14" it will be on your right hand side.
13. Once you find the telephone pole, STOP! On your right hand side you should see a little dirt road. Right across the street from Ice House Pond.
14.Follow the dirt path Ocean Spray Rd. until you come across a granite bench. on it will say "in memory of Eleanor and Ernold Goodwin 1998"
15. Sit down and enjoy the beautiful view.
16.Take about 35 paces from the end of the bench following the dirt path. look for a tree growing out of a rock. underneath it will be your prize!
hint* if you pass a tree with pictures on it or a white sign that Says “conservation area” you have gone too far *hint