Grampa Turtle  LbNA # 18636

Placed DateOct 7 2005
LocationFeatherville, ID
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Hike Distance?

I84 south form Boise to Mt Home exit at Hwy 20-26 going toward Ketchum/SunValley.
Turn left on to Castle Rock Road. This is a dirt road which is not maintained in the winter so the box will not be accessable when there is snow on the ground.
Follow the road until you get to the outcropping of rocks near the road on both sides.
Park on the right just after the Rocks on the right. On the left there is a 3 story rock that looks like a skull. Keep this skull rock to your back from the parking spot and walk southish up a small incline. Look back NW to get a good view of the tortes beak shaped rock which is the inspiration for the placement of "G.T."
Continue up the hill to the right and as you crest this hill look right to find Mike and Jamie. From thier decloration forever go back along the house sized rock toward your car 44 steps (22 paces). You will be able to touch this rock most of the way to the hiding spot. Grampa turtle is down in a crevice between two granite rocks, covered by similar but degraded rocks.

you can turn around here and go out the way you came in or continue on to join the Pine/Featherville road. You will turn right to get back on to hwy 20-26 Print off clues to Wagon Wheel