The Ship to Neverland  LbNA # 1865

Placed DateMar 21 2002
LocationWindham, CT
Found By WWW
Last Found Oct 21 2008
Hike Distance?

Sweeney School Series
Rated easy
Planted 3/21/02 by : Leader of the Pack

In Windham take Rte 6 by Walmart and the airport out to Rte 203. Take a right at the light on 203. Just a short distance up the road on the Right is a Joshua's Trust Property the Windham Atlantic White Cedar Bog . Park here there is room for several cars. Plan over 1 hour for the walk which is on old railroad bed straight and smooth.

The box:

The window on the balcony was open the summer breeze wafted through the curtains,lifting them lightly ,to drop against the frame and sill. The large moon cast beams of light down onto the beds and sleeping children. The light was broken by a shadow and the silouette of a mysterious ship passed over the face of the moon. The Neverland ship for lost boys. Adventure if you follow, youthful wars of play, daring feats, mermaids, indians and pirates. The children followed.

Down the lane where engines chugged in times past in pursuit of the ship to Neverland. Passing a place on the right where a sign once stood pointing out the bog. Water and haunted looking trees everywhere. Down the lane, pass a place where ledges cling to both sides keep going by the trees and swamps. Watch for wildlife this is a safe place for the wild creatures to watch the ship pass by. Walk on you will pass small side roads to nowhere keep to the straight . The wind billows the sails and the ship flies onward it comes to a yellow gate and the rudder drawn so the ship veers around to come back. Hook must be beyond the gate where the path turns hard and black. So turn with the ship and face where you came from . Look on the right at one of natures wonders. High in the lofty masts out to sea at the right is a nest . Not a crows nest of the ship but Great Blue Herons DO NOT DISTURB! Hook is their friend. Now onward as the ship sails toward home and the dawn. Pass on the right a hard to notice tree that beavers chewed long ago now black and dead. Then on the left a tree branch reaches out to swing at the passing ship - evergreen even in night. Now as you dream away the night keep your eye to the right 34 paces as the Neverland ship cast off a treasure which now lies below the rim of a black circle. Return home children and chase the dream ship another night through childhood and open windows.
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