Tim's Cache  LbNA # 18658

Placed DateOct 14 2005
LocationPettisville, OH
Found By dragon of defiance
Last Found May 9 2012
Hike Distance?

Tim's Cache

This letterbox/geocache is placed in memory of our friend Tim. He was deployed to Iraq for over a year, came home, and died too young. He was a wonderful father, veteran and friend to all. He LOVED Letterboxing and Geocaching and he even did it while deployed in Iraq, emailing us pictures. Take a minute and thank a veteran for all they have done for our country.

This is an easy drive up box on private property. Please do not cross the bridge.

Get to Fulton County and find County Rd D. The roads are in alphabetical order running east and west, and in numeric order running north and south. This box is placed at 19782 County Rd D. Pull into the driveway and stop at the first pine tree. The treasure you seek lies beneath.

This is private property, and you have permission to box here as long as you don't cross the bridge. We wanted this box close to us so we could make sure it didn't get muggled! Enjoy the country side as you drive out here. Stop in Pettisville at the little store (county rd 19 between D and E) and say Hi and get a cold drink for the road.

Email us at Julia@RJSoap.com and let us know you were here. Thanks!