His Daytime Resting Place  LbNA # 18659 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 26 2005
LocationLafayette, CO
Found By nedhead
Last Found Feb 18 2013
Hike Distance?

February 2013. Just got a message that says the box and log are there but the stamp is missing. I am unlikely to replant this box anytime soon, if ever. I'm just heartbroken about it. ~Aljan
Fodor is back in place as of September 20, 2012. You will see that the logbook was severely water damaged after just a few people got to stamp in. I am thankful that I was able to rescue it from complete disaster. Please, please, PLEASE, take those few extra moments to repack the box well - reseal all the bags and the box completely. Give those that will come behind you the chance to have the same fun letterboxing experience that you had. A lot of time goes into the creation of these boxes in the hope that they will be out in the world for a long, long time and that lots of boxers get to stop by and visit.

Thanks! ~Aljan

The Daytime Resting Place of Fodor Glava
A letterbox by Aljan

I extend many, many thanks to the ParaPFI investigations group for their fabulous website. Check it out for more information on this sight and many others in Colorado at www.parafpi.com. Also for their permission to use their information here... Thank you!

Many people visit the cemetery, the full moon and Halloween being a particularly inticing time, so, if you choose to visit this spot, PLEASE, be respectful of the spirits and the headstones!

Legend has it that a vampire is buried here. Local kids grow up daring each other to stand near the grave and some have reported seeing the vampire. Tall and thin, black coat, dark hair and long, long fingernails. The tree that grows form the middle of the grave, right where the heart would be, has grown from the stake that killed him, the tree taking root in order to keep him from rising from his grave.

Research done at the site by the Colorado ParaPFI group revealed a lot. No one knows exactly who might be buried in that earth. The cemetery was the ‘paupers’ graveyard, where the poor, diseased or unloved were buried. The plot was purchased by Fodor Glava, but no records indicate who was actually buried there, whether it be Fodor, or someone, or perhaps something, else. The headstone reads:

Fodor Glava
Born in Transylvania
Died December 1918

Trandofir (the Romanian/Transylvanian word for rose)

It is assumed that Fodor must have been an immigrant worker, probably a farmer or laborer who met his fate in Lafayette. December 1918 fell right at the height of a very serious and deadly influenza epidemic that had the entire town quarantined. Glava may have been one of the victims of that epidemic, but no one knows for certain, since no records in Lafayette or in Transylvania show him as ever being born after the time that written records began… and in fact, no record in history exists of him having come to the United States at all. So who this man was or how and when he got here is a mystery. A few more oddities about the gravesite… First, it is the only stone in the old pauper’s graveyard although dozens of other people are buried here. Someone wanted others to know that he was there or that he had taken some part in whoever IS there. Also, the writing on the plain cement slab is shaky and crude, like it was scratched in haste in the cement with a stick. But, the writing is literate. Who wrote those final words of Glava? Was it Glava himself who wrote it on his death bed, poor and dying, wishing to be remembered someplace? Or a ruse by a vampire named Fodor Glava – scratched with his own undead nails so that people would think he had died? Or was the vampire Glava killed by a hero, staked through the heart, buried, a stone placed as a warning to others of Glava’s kind that they would be hunted down and share Glava’s fate? Or was Glava just a simple man, leaving space on the stone to etch the nickname of his beloved wife, ‘Rose’, so that she might lie next to him? Who knows! Until we know for certain who this man was, the rumors and tales will continue to circulate.

From a newspaper clipping…

“Several years ago, we found a doll with a pin stuck through its heart that someone had placed on the grave,” said former police chief, “I read it was a voodoo tradition to prevent the buried person from rising out of the grave.”

The clues…

There are no ink pads in this box. Bring a black one with you if you can. As is my style, this box has two stamps but I couldn't manage to find a decent spot for two separate boxes - I didn't stop to think that the cemetery might be a bit more urban than I expected.

Make your way to the Lafeyette Municipal Cemetery at 111 Baseline Rd. Park in the lot behind the large rec center that neighbors the cemetery on the east side. To find the grave of Fodor Glava, leave the parking lot and walk west at the edge of the cemetery or along the road that borders the cemetery on the opposite side from Baseline. Pass a bike or walking type entrance that cuts the cemetery just about in half, bordered on one side by the grave of Bagnall and Martinez on the other. Just past Stertz (together forever) and Eurich you will find the strange stone that marks the daytime resting place of Fodor Glava. The stone is quite unique among the others and, indeed, a tree rises up from where the one who lies beneath's heart would be. Does this tree hold a vampire in his earthly grave???

Fodor's grave is graced with the blood of red red roses. With hands on both sides, hold those roses where their thorns would be and gently lift them from their urnly grave. Beneath lies Fodor Glava, hiding away from the sun.

Please email me with the condition of my box at AljanSundance@gmail.com

Happy haunting... I mean hunting! Aljan