Rospletha (formerly known as The Tempest)  LbNA # 1869

Placed DateAug 16 2002
CountyOther International
LocationPenzance, West Penwith, Cornwall, INT
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Rospletha, formerly known as The Tempest

(West Penwith, Cornwall, United Kingdom)

Placed 16 August 2002
by "The Four Brothers"
Located in West Penwith, Cornwall, United Kingdom
Nearest town - Penzance


Sorry - this box has disappeared as of August 2004. Was it taken by a souvenir hunter, or blown away by a gale or did it just disappear into the magic of West Penwith?

I'll replace it in 2005 when I next visit.


Take a transatlantic flight to LHR, followed by the Heathrow Express to
Paddington Station, followed by the Cornish Riviera to the end of the line
(Penzance). Find Pedn-men-an-mere on the South West Coast Path.

At the National Trust sign for "Rospletha Cliffs", sight 150 degrees and
walk 57 paces to a concrete slab and a rusted iron structure (the remains of
a snooping station to find out what Marconi was doing on the Lizard). From
the middle of the concrete slab, sight 120 degrees and walk 52 paces to a
cluster of large rocks. Underneath the face which looks at "the Logan Rock"
you will find The Tempest.

Please be discreet since the area is well-travelled. The box needs to be
securely wedged and stowed away in order to survive the mighty gales that
roar in from the Atlantic Ocean.

August 2003 update: over the past year this box has been accidentally found by many "Muggles" who have treated it with wonder and delight, leaving musings and thoughts behind. Having taken on a different character from the one anticipated, I have renamed it, put in a Rospletha stamp (my 3 year old destroyed The Tempest) and I am leaving it to evolve into whatever it needs to become. It is being maintained by the original Four Brothers. Please send mail if you find it.

Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.