Orchard Homes  LbNA # 18708

Placed DateOct 8 2005
LocationMissoula, MT
Found By Judy
Last Found Oct 6 2006
Hike Distance?

A Missoula Neighborhood Letterbox

Nov 17,2007 UPDATE
It looks like the construction is done and the hiding place is still intact. The box is returned...

You will have to travel west on S.3rd St. to the public school. In the front lawn look at the bones of the Cowasauras. It was made by the students of the school. Next find the monument with the bell. Be sure to read allthe plaques. How many years did the bell hang in the school? In the play yard behind the school is a huge Oak tree that is older than the school. What belongs in the racks under the tree? Replace the first letter of this with the first letter of the first name of the Designer of the Memorial with the bell.Our letterbox is on the top of this object, next to the Clark Fork River.

Now, to find the name of street that will take you to the river.
1. The second letter of the maker of the Bell.
2. The first letter of the name of the school.
3. The first letter of this neighborhood
4. The third letter of what caused the bell to fall.
5. The 7th letter of what happened in the spring of 1984.
These 5 letters will spell the name of the street east of the school that will take you to the river.

Travet to the north end of the street. Walk around the end of the Board of County Commissioners gate and on to the trail on top of the object that you found from the rack under the Oak tree. The river will in front of you. Walk to the east and past the gate with the horse shoes. Follow the trail to the tree that has fallen across it. Backtrack half way to the horse shoe gate, turn to the west and go the number of steps equal to one half the number of the bell. Find the letterbox under the material made by one of the supporters of the bell memorial.