Kinzua Bear  LbNA # 18738

OwnerThe Cats Meow    
Placed DateOct 15 2005
LocationWarren, PA
Found By buckdude
Last Found Aug 8 2014
Hike Distance?

This box was placed by The Cat's Meow and Kinzua Warrior during a visit in October 2005. I'd like to thank Kinzua Warrior for introducing me to this beautiful area of PA. I've enjoyed every visit.

Directions: From Warren PA take Rt. 6 west to Clarendon and follow signs to Chapman State Park.

Clues: When you arive at Chapman State Park, drive over the spillway and park in the first parking lot. When you pull into the lot, if you are facing the lake, there will be a trail behind you called Penny Run Trail. Take that trail. Follow the blue blaze trail. When you come to a tree in the middle of the path that is marked with a blue blaze, walk 10 to 15 yards to the next tree marked with a blue blaze and look to your left. You are looking for a tree that has been struck by lightening. When the tree shattered and fell, it left a stump that is approximately 7 foot tall. Walk to the fallen tree. Standing at the part of the tree where the fallen top and the stump meet, you will find the box hidden at the base of the fallen log to the left in a hallow area. You will need to move some bark to locate it.

Please take the time to re-hide the box well when finished!!!!! And please send me an email to let me know the status and condition of the box. You can reach me at

As always, happy hunting!!!!!

~The Cat's Meow~


Kinzua Warrior