Challenge Grove park series  LbNA # 18741

Placed DateOct 15 2005
LocationCherry Hill, NJ
Found By Otis' Friends
Last Found Jan 23 2010
Hike Distance?

William Still letterbox

From the water fountain at the basketball court walk 240° to 2 brick pillars. Walk along the driveway between the 2 brick pillars and locate 10872! Walk a line to the tall tree at 300°. From that tree walk Due North to an old weathered tree with many ‘feet’. Standing on the largest ‘foot’ on the tree, walk approximately 17 paces at 250°. Look closely inside the hollowed out tree. Inside is what you seek.

Cherry Hill letterbox

<**Reports have been this box is missing, will replant soon***>

From the pavilion walk 240° to the ‘red road’. From the starting line walk North West to the corner of the first turn of the red road. At the corner it is time for a ‘Heart Check’. After you have done a Heart check, have a drink. After you wet your palate find ‘Martin Romm’. From Martin Romm walk North West to the old white building. Walk around to the back of the white building. From the steps walk 18 paces to 335°. At it’s base find the hollowed out section and inside is what you seek.

These were some of the letterboxes from the 2005 NJ gathering.

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