Down by the River- this box is lost  LbNA # 18763

OwnerLittle Bird    
Placed DateOct 18 2005
LocationBrooklyn Park, MN
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Box 1

Go to the Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park, you'll need to find West River Road, its on about 100th. Go into the park & take a left at the T, pull into the 2nd driveway & park by the handicaped parking.

Down by the River where the rushing waters drop, there's a path you can walk that will go back around the left side of the building, As you pass the building, look to your right, through the fence where there's a white tank for deisel & unleaded gas & at all the boots hanging there, don't it make you wonder what the boots are there for?Follow the path down the hill, you'll see a pregnant tree on the right, with a face on it,but keep going; hear the rushing waters? There will be a clearing up ahead, with towers of power lines in it, take a right at the T, pass the little boys & girls rooms. Meander down the dirt path, or road, you'll see a walking - cross country trail sign that goes to your right, keep going straight to the 2nd walking - cross country trail sign. Once there take 118 paces past that sign, you should come to 2 small trees on the right side & close to the road, if it hasnt fallen off there will be a log stuck between them about 7-8' high. Look towards the river, take 4 steps over a log, then another 8 steps to a fallen tree kind of mangled, & look into its feet under some bark. Happy Hunting!

Please replace box back in there, & cover it with leaves again, to hide it. Thank you.

Box 2 This box is missing.

Okay, so go back to your pregnant tree you've already found. Once there, go behind the tree & stand like you are looking towards the river. Look to you left & walk approximately 14 steps, You will come to a dirt path of sorts, turn right & follow it, it will make a right curve-turn. Keep following the path as it curves some more. You'll come to a loose stack of dead treeson your right & up ahead you should be able to see water. Across from that stack there will be a tree on your left with a hole in its base, this is where you'll find me. there are logs though hiding your view.