Black Hill Shore Box  LbNA # 1877 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 17 2002
LocationGaithersburg, MD
Planted BySquirrel    
Found By Hoppy Mom
Last Found Feb 23 2005
Hike Distance?

Enter park, Pass visitors center, Turn right on the second entrance Picnic Lane Park in the first lot on right. (Or go in the first entrance to Picnic Lane and park in the last lot on the left).

You must go into the woods on the black top trail,
this one isn't for the weak and frail.
Pass the circle body onto the steps of 4.
Keep going there's more.

Hope over the logs and turn left between the orange
You must go toward the lake, for that's what it will take.
Look for the deer, geese and racoon tracks on the shore,
it's fun but has nothing to do with what's in store.
Follow the left woodland path along the bank,
for this you have Squirrel to thank.
From the beaver downed tree
come back 10 steps like a giant,
now don't be defiant.
From there get your bearings 30 North
to the big tree and go forth.
3 giant steps should take you there,
it shouldn't give you a scare.
At last you are here, now circle and hug the tree
stepping over what was hidden by me.

Please email if the box is missing, etc.