Tres Grande Rocas  LbNA # 18775

Placed DateSep 29 2005
LocationOakland, CA
Planted ByMissT    
Found By MissT
Last Found Apr 7 2008
Hike Distance?

This box is found in a park that has something for young and old. An outdoor garden for Serenity and Storybook tales. The box is located in the gated garden with many entrances which if you look one way you can find a really big shoe, look another way and see a band stand.

Locate the gardens with dedication stones, respite of fragrance and trees. Depending where you entered, the box may be near or far. Off the street go through the gate with the gravel path and stay to the left. You’ll see “Rest Stop” where you can stop and read a dedication. Go through the gated garden with the Pagoda and over the Koi pond until you see succulents, iris and palm gardens, fountain’s and don’t worry about the time on the Sun dial just follow the path to the biggest tiny tree collection. Pass through the Toril Gate and listen to the water that may have birds in it. That’s where you want to go. Stand and look around at the rocks and stones, walk up among the rock until you see what could have been a waterfall trail and Tres Grande Rocas beside twin trees. At this point you can sit on a flat top rock, look down and under one of the big rocks, remove the smooth rock reach in and remove the box or squat down, reach to remove the smooth rock reach in for the letterbox or bend over the rock and reach down and remove the smooth rock with the writing on the bottom. PLEASE BE DESCRET. Re-hide it well by replacing the rock with the writing face down! IF A PERSON OR PEOPLE ARE AROUND THE AREA WAIT UNTIL THEY LEAVE OR NOT PAYING ATTENTION SO THAT THEY WILL NOT REMOVE THE BOX