Marblehead Lighthouse  LbNA # 18779 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 18 2005
LocationMarblehead, OH
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

corrected on 7/6/06

This box is located at Marblehead Lighthouse - an area of very high visitor traffic during most months. Please use your super stealth mode when looking for this box so that it stays put! Begin at the door to the lighthouse. Walk southwest 29 paces (keeping the fence to your right) and end at the maple tree. Proceed west at ~ 280' for 18 paces to a Walnut tree. Then go 9 paces at 240' following the leaf patterned stepping stones to the gravel lot. Standing on the last stone (evergreen pattern) go 21 paces at 195'. Turn and go 11 paces at 140'. This should put you very near to a medium sized tree with a hollow in the base. This hollow is covered in part by another tree in front of the hole. LB is under some bark in that hollow. Please replace as found and let me know that you did. If you are a local letterboxer and want to adopt this box email me and let me know.