Arabian Nights Revisited (Retired)  LbNA # 18788 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 12 2006
LocationScottsdale, AZ
Planted BySaoirse    
Found By Ocean Lover-Cali Gir
Last Found Feb 26 2006
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
Terrain: Easy
Pets: Definitely OK
Kids: OK
Hand-carved stamp: Yes
First finder's certificate: No - replacement box

**********This box has been retired**********

As of 6/26/06 I have had several reports that this box has again gone missing. I will check on it as soon as I can. If it is indeed lost once more, it will be retired because it would seem this park does not want it there for whatever reason. Until then, if you choose to hunt for it, please keep in mind it may be MIA. Thanks. =)

2/12/06 This box has been repaired! There is also a new stamp, which is different than the old one, so if you were one of the fortunate few who had a chance to find this box before it's disappearance feel free to track it down in its new location for a new stamp.

This is my first placed letterbox, which I created for my 31st birthday and placed originally October 21, 2005. I started taking a bellydance class at the Horizon Community Center this fall as a treat. Look carefully, and you may find me dancing through the park. =)

From the 101 Freeway, take Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. east passing Raintree. Turn north on 100th St. Stay on 100th St. passing Thompson Peak Pkwy. On the right hand side you will see Horizon Community Center. The sign is sometimes difficult to see, so look for the tall lights for the baseball fields if you are having trouble. Park in the parking lot northwest of the community center building and directly in front of the baseball fields. Walk toward the community center entrance. Between the building and the ball fields you should see a walkway with a green railing on the left hand side. Take this walkway to the left around the playground. You will pass a quadruple drinking fountain. Be sure to stop off and give your pooch a drink from the specially made puppy fountain. Continue past the drinking fountain on the left and the playground on the right. Walk past a bench on the left. Continue forward passing the sand volleyball courts on the right. Stay on the walk you are on and do not take the right turn. You will pass another bench on your left, and almost in front of you to the right you will see a covered picnic pavillion. On your left should be a light post with a sign saying "Park closes 10:30pm". Just before the next light post AFTER the one with the sign, turn left off the sidewalk and take the dirt path down toward the fence. To your right will be a large, spreading bush. Your treasure is hidden behind this bush under a pile of rocks and debris.

This is a super high traffic area, so please, PLEASE be discreet and re-hide well beneath the rocks.