Ladybug Louise  LbNA # 18826 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 21 2005
LocationDavis, CA
Found By Doublesaj & Old Blue
Last Found Nov 5 2005
Hike Distance?

Ladybug Louise is Lost

Hello! Ladybug Louise is lost and we are hoping you can help find her. Gwen Grasshopper knows Ladybug Louise very well, but since she is out of town and cannot help look, she has left some clues that she thinks may help find our missing friend. Gwen says Ladybug Louise was last known to be near Eagle Place, North Davis.

(Directions: From Anderson Rd, go west onto Valencia Ave, turn right on Condor Ct and then left into Eagle Place).

Ladybug Louise was last seen on the spider’s web (at the playground) making her escape. Here are the remaining clues Gwen Grasshopper left for us:

Find the white posts which lay in the direction where the sun rises.
(Clue: if you drove, you probably walked past them on the way to the spider’s web)

As you stand by these posts, continue to face east and will you see another set of white posts. These mark the start of the “secret trail.”
(Remember, safety first and stay on the sidewalk as you venture to them).

When the “secret trail” splits, take the path to the north.

Follow this to another “T” in the trail (notice the change from a dirt path to a paved one). Go right and count the trees on the ditch side of the trail. After the 34th tree, you will come to a place to cross the great ditch divide.

Phew! You are doing great and almost there. After crossing the great ditch divide, find the large weeping willow tree.

Grasshopper Gwen thinks Ladybug Louise is hiding at the tree’s base under some rocks, where she feels safe and protected.

May you have a successful journey back and please remember to replace her under the rocks for the next adventurers….

Good luck!

Approximately 15-20 min, ˝ mile round trip….. Hidden turtle (another letterbox) is not far away and one might enjoy making him part of the adventure (though there is a drive or bike ride between the two).