All the Pretty Ponies- Tilden Park  LbNA # 18837 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 22 2005
LocationBerkeley, CA
Found By Ravenfrog
Last Found Aug 12 2007
Hike Distance?

We just got a facelift
And we're looking so fine
If you added us up
We'd total 59

This East Bay landmark is one of my daughter's favorite places (and mine too!) Built in 1911, it recently underwent a million dollar facelift.

When you get to this place, walk behind it to the picnic area. You will see two storage sheds- a red one and a gray one. The box is under the gray shed in the back. Use a stick or wear gloves to poke around to find it. (second opening under the shed)

First finder: there are two tickets inside. Have a good time courtesy of Princess Cee Cee.

NOTE: The landmark will be closed for a month during the Thanksgiving holidays, although the picnic area remains open. Visit the website first to find out the exact reopening date. PS: The gift shop is GREAT!!