Mosquito Lake Series - The Outhouse  LbNA # 18859

OwnerThe Cats Meow    
Placed DateOct 23 2005
LocationBazetta Twp; Cortland, OH
Found By happy hikers
Last Found Oct 23 2010
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I've placed boxes out at Mosquito Lake because its one of my favorite places. Filled with many memories of family picnics when I was kid, drives out there with my husband when we were dating, and taking our son out there to feed the geese and ducks (when it was permitted) and camping. It is a place of much happiness and joy. Except for one aspect!!!!!!!!!! The pit toilets!!!!!!!! As a kid I was terrified of them. My older sisters had me convinced that there were pit monsters waiting to grab me off my throne and drag me down in. Then there was the fact that the seat seemed very large in comparison to a 5 or 6 year old bottom. As I grew older and realized that there were no pit monsters, but my enthusiasm for using the pit toilets did not grow. The bugs and the smell were enough to make me dread the use of them.

So this box pays tribute to any and all who have ever suffered through the use of a pit potty and survived. Because sometimes you gotta do, what ya gotta do. :-)

Also note that Squirrel Run Trail is often muddy so hiking boots are strongly encouraged. You will also need a compass for this box.

DIRECTIONS: Take St. Rt. 305 West to the main entrance of Mosquito Lake Park. Park will be on your right. Turn into entrance and make a right on the first road.

Clues: Park in the SE corner of the lot. Turn and look at the swings. The lake will be to your left. Walk towards the restrooms (the dreaded pits) you see in the distance past the swings. Just past the rest rooms is a gravel path. Go right. The path will come to a "T" go to the right. Continue straight on the path until you come to a second set of restrooms (another set of pits). Just beyond the restrooms is Squirrel Run Trail. Walk to the sign that says Squirrel Run Trail. From the sign walk 40 steps and stop. Look at your compass and find South. Walk into the woods to where you have three trees in a row. Take another compass reading and find 160 degrees. Walk in that direction until you come to a fallen tree and a 4 ft. stump (140 degree reading. At the base of the stump is a hollow end log where you will find the box. PLEASE BE SURE WHEN REHIDING THE BOX NOT TO PUSH IT INTO THE LOG TO FAR, BUT MAKING SURE IT IS OUT OF SIGHT!!!!
Please be sure to place all items back into the box and carefully hide it again placing bark and sticks back in front of the opening in the end of the tree. If you find the box is not in good order or missing please contact me at

And in case nature calls while you are looking for boxes, at the Osprey sight and on the main road of the campground there are bathrooms with flushy toilets. However, they are only open during warm weather.

As always, happy hunting!!!!!!!

~The Cat's Meow~