Mo-Pac  LbNA # 18943 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 26 2005
LocationLincoln, NE
Planted ByJWN    
Found By Ona Journey
Last Found Sep 10 2006
Hike Distance?

Directions Find the trail head about six blocks south of the higher education institution of the 135th degree magnetic.
Park in the lot on the east side.
The building with the red roof has restrooms and information.

Pass the metal bicycle that resembles a steam locomotive.
On the way to the box, learn about bluebirds from a north-facing guide.
At the place on the trail where the red-roofed building can no longer be clearly seen, sight on an evergreen tree at 135 degrees magnetic. (Watch out for bikers.)
Go to the evergreen tree.
Stand in the center of the trail at the place where the tree is at 40 degrees magnetic.
Face the tree.
You will see a second evergreen tree to your left on the same side of the trail.
Also note the building with unique architecture at 110 degrees magnetic and a communications tower painted red and white at 340 degrees magnetic.
Locate the deciduous tree at 190 degrees magnetic.
Take the easiest route to the deciduous tree.
Exercise caution because the hill is steep and has large holes in places.
Look inside the base of the tree for the box.
Please re-hide well.
Contact me at jnelson114 AT windstream DOT net with questions or reports on the condition of the box. Be careful when returning to the trail. Some of the holes are more than large enough to swallow up an ankle. The hider is not responsible for any injuries.