Hound Of Baskervilles  LbNA # 18944

Placed DateOct 27 2005
LocationLeesburg, VA
Planted ByKoyote    
Found By Super Rod
Last Found Jan 22 2011
Hike Distance?

The Hound of Baskervilles is a classic Sherlock Holmes story and was a wonderful old movie. The story actually takes place in Dartmoor, England; the home of our beloved letterboxing hobby.

NOTES:This is a 2 toned stamp. I used "Marvy" markers gray and black. The gray is for the back of the stamp and is stamped first for the back ground. Next use black for the Hound or front of the stamp, and stamp over the gray by lining up the right side of the stamp. This box will take approx. 1 hour out and back. Great park for kids. Dogs O.K. on leash.

DIRECTIONS: Ida Lee Park is on Rt. 15 Business/James Monroe highway. From the entrance proceed about 0.4 miles to the sign indicating the "demonstration gardens". Turn right here and park in the far end of the parking lot on the left next to the small play ground area.

CLUES: From the parking lot, walk toward the yellow gate down the hill at 315*. At the bottom of the slope, find the small trail marker to the left of the brown fence. Do not go all the way to the yellow gate! The trail is marked with a blue arrow. Follow this arrow which takes you past the little play ground on your left. the path cuts in to the left just past the play area, taking you behind the main building. Continue along the tree line on your right. The tree line will pass the tennis center on your left. walk to the end of the tree line. At this point turn sharp right. A trail marker here will point you back along the other side of the tree line. The path splits, but stay to the left. You will come to a clump of trees on the hill top and the trail will bear right down the hill. A trail marker here has green and blue markings stating".75 miles". Go down the hill and follow the blue traill around the brush to the left and back down the hill some more. The next trail marker is marked with 2 blue arrows pointing in opposite directions.Folow the blue arrow along the mowed grass at a bearing of 50* along the field. Keep an eye to the left for another trail marker. This marker will mark your continued direction on the path that has a stream on the left and skirts the field on the right. You should soon pass a marker reading "1.0 miles". continue on until you come to a split in the trail. Cut trees are in the middle of the split. Bear to the left up the hill into the trees. Passing through the trees, you will come to a bench. Sit here and look out over the moor....er, I mean fields. At this point you should scour the area for other people walking the trails. When the coast is clear, duck back into the trees and find the tree on your left with a trunk that runs along the ground before it goes up. Standing next to the base end/roots, take a bearing of 315*. The Hound hides in the downed trees on the other side of the barbed wire, which is easy to sneak by. It is to the right of the stump. Stamp in at the bench then rehide carefully. Safe trails! Koyote