Cozy Campfire  LbNA # 18973

OwnerTall Texan    
Placed DateOct 23 2005
LocationLivingston, TX
Found By Bulldogger
Last Found Jan 17 2016
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
Distance to Microbox: 80 yards or so

Status of Letterbox: Alive and well on 7/06/08

The “Cozy Campfire” letterbox is located in Lake Livingston State Park. It marks the campfire shared on the first cool night we have had this far south this season. The last time we used our lanterns and ice chests was during Hurricane Rita at our home in Houston, when our power went off and stayed off. Trying to get back to our normal routine, we camped in this beautiful place. Good conversation, a radio to hear the World Series and a cozy campfire made us all forget.

From Houston, head north up US Highway 59 to Livingston. The park is located 1 mile south of Livingston on US Highway 59,
4 miles west on FM 1988, 1/2 mile north on FM 3126 to Park Road 65, which is 75 miles north of Houston.

To the Letterbox:
From the entry gate continue along the entry road. At the first intersection, turn right and then take the first left. You will be driving towards one of three boat ramps in the park. You will see a sign, “Park Road 65”, head just to the right of the sign and you will be on the picnic loop on which the letterbox is hidden. As the road turns away from the lake you will see a 40 foot pedestrian bridge on the left that leads to a picnic table. park your car on the right and return to the bridge. A few feet up the road from the bridge on the left is a horse path marked by a wooden post. From the wooden post, head 130 paces along the path and you will see two trees growing unreasonably close together on the right. the camobox (it is big) is hidden behind the the larger tree (a loblolly pine). The location should be private enough to stamp liberally. Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy the vista from the picnic area and perhaps hide some letterboxes.