He Made Me Do It  LbNA # 18980

Placed DateOct 29 2005
LocationLeesburg, VA
Planted ByKoyote    
Found By Spirochete Pete
Last Found Jun 27 2012
Hike Distance?
Last EditedJan 2 2016

Edwards Landing park is a little known park near Balls Bluff Battlefield Regional Park. Lovely trails (though unmarked)in some beautiful terrain.

NOTES: This stamp was meant to be done with red ink. Please use red if possible.

DIRECTIONS: From Rt.7 inLeesburg, take Rt.15 north towards Luketts. Right onto Edwards Ferry Rd. Left on to Battlefield Parkway. First right on to Woods Edge Dr. Right on to Powhatan Ct. Turn right into parking lot by pavilion.

CLUES: From the parking lot, walk through the pavilion and find the trail on the other side. Turn left on to the trail and follow the path heading into the woods. Stay on this path as it bears to the left. Walking on; the terrain falls off sharply on your left into a ravine and falls away gently on the right into the woods. Continue on the trail as it heads steeply downhill. At the bottom of the hill, that ravine that was on the left spills into the trail from the left. This is probably a stream during wetter times. Continue on. You will cross over another stream. At this point the trail turns sharply right and climbs a hill or continues straight, recrossing the stream at a curve. Continue straight and cross the stream. A short distance beyond the crossing, you will pass trough a cut tree. Stop here and look ahead up the trail where it begins to climb up. You will see a huge stump on the trail. Proceed to this stump. This stump is on the trail to the right side. It is about 5 1/2 ft. tall and twisted. The one who makes us do it lies waiting in the base of the trunk. Rehide/cover so that this box does not become exposed. Retrace your path to return to your car. Safe trails! Koyote