Leafy Green Trail  LbNA # 18989

Placed DateOct 29 2005
LocationAtlanta, GA
Found By Eidolon
Last Found Jul 8 2006
Hike Distance?

it is in the process of rebuilding.

so do not come to it. thank you.

Enter the Peachtree Park neighborhood by starting at the intersection of Piedmont Avenue and Burke Road (near Piedmont at Pharr Road.) Follow Burke until it dead-ends, the train tracks will be right in front of you. Go south on a wood-bordered hiking trail. When you reach the first fork/island in the trail, stop and do something fun. Stay on the trail, past all the utility markers and other stuff. You will reach a second fork/island. Once there, take the left-hand path until you find a pile of three small boulders. The box is in, around, or under the pile of boulders. Have fun with it and remember to hide it better than you found it. =)+-<.