Telge Tarantula  LbNA # 19006

OwnerSilver Eagle      
Placed DateOct 29 2005
LocationCypress, TX
Found By Jillda
Last Found Jan 16 2016
Hike Distance?

Replaced log & container (11/17/07), replaced log & container (01/27/12)
Terrain Difficulty: Easy (flat, .5 mile RT)
Status: alive

This minibox was created for the Terrors Of Telge Gathering held at Telge Park on 10/29/2005. It has a playground and several trails.

From Hwy 290, go north on Telge Rd. In a few miles you will cross Cypress Creek and Telge Park will be on your right. Turn right on Pleasant Grove, then a quick right into parking area.

From the park restrooms, walk straight back to the wooden bridge. Cross over and go left. You'll walk until it goes down a small drop then path splits. Go left. Continue until you come to a large obviously cut dead tree on the right. Go past it down the path and you'll run into a small tree in the middle of the path. Continue down the path until you will see another larger tree in the middle of the path. Continue down the path, angle to the left at the open space and go to the fence. Turn left and follow the path along the fence to the tenth wooden post. Look left at 250 degrees for a large oak tree and walk 9 steps to it. The Tarantula is hanging from its web on the back side of the tree about 4 feet high. Note: The box is a pill container and is permanently attached to the tree, so remove the top by pushing down while turning counter-clockwise. When replacing the top, make sure to screw it on all the way and check to make sure it doesn't come off if you lift up on it.