Speedee At Mosquito Lake  LbNA # 19014

OwnerThe Cats Meow    
Placed DateOct 29 2005
LocationCortland; Bazetta Twp., OH
Found By happy hikers
Last Found Oct 23 2010
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Speedee At Mosquito Lake

This box has a new location as of 6/25/2008

I planted this box in memory of my father. He worked for 25+ years as a manager and supervisor of a local McDonalds Restaurant. Over the years of him working there I have many memories. I remember going to the restaurant with him on Thanksgiving mornings to check that everything was closed up properly the night before. While I was there with him it was always a big deal to be allowed to go around to the front of the serving area and get myself a Coke from the soda machine. I remember the first time Ronald McDonald visited the store he ran, and on another Ronald visit being dressed up like Grimace (the big purple character) to hand out balloons. I remember handing out boxes of McDonald Land Cookies (when they had the chocolate chip ones) for Halloween. And at the beginning of every school year he would bring me home pencils with all the McDonald Land characters on them. But for some reason when I think of my dad and McDonalds, I think about the early beginnings of the franchise. He started to work for McDonalds in 1959. So I think about the red and white tile building with no seating, and when Speedee was the logo/mascot for McDonalds. So dad, this stamp is carved and this box is placed in loving memory of you. I miss you much.

For those of you to young to remember McDonalds like I mentioned above, I’ve included a link so you can see. Speedee is on the sign. http://www.downeyca.org/visitor_mcdonalds.php

Please note that Squirrel Run Trail is often muddy so hiking boots are strongly recomended. Also, you will need a compass.

DIRECTIONS: Take St. Rt. 305 West to the main entrance of Mosquito Lake Park. Park will be on your right. Turn into entrance and make a right on the first road.

Clues: Park in the SE corner of the lot. Turn and look at the swings. The lake will be to your left. Walk towards the restrooms (the dreaded pits) you see in the distance past the swings. Just past the rest rooms is a gravel path. Go right. The path will come to a "T" go to the right. Continue straight on the path until you come to a second set of restrooms (another set of pits). Just beyond the restrooms is Squirrel Run Trail. Walk the trail until you come to the second spot where the trail splits to the left and right then joins again. When you come to the point of where the trail splits stop. Turn around and walk back 9 steps. Then enter the woods to your right (back to the split in the trail) 12 steps. Take a compass reading of 230 degrees. Head in that direction, looking for a large tree. The box is on the south side of the tree at the base under bark.

Please be sure to cover the box when you are finished.

Also, please drop me a line at imdurangogirl@aol.com and let me know the status of the box. I always love hearing from fellow boxers!

As always, happy hunting!

~The Cats Meow~