Psycopath  LbNA # 19034

Placed DateOct 29 2005
LocationLouisville, NE
Found By country duo
Last Found Mar 29 2009
Hike Distance?

Location: Platte River State Park, Cass County, Nebraska

PRSP is located on Hwy 66 between I-80 and Hwy 50 on the south bank of the Platte River.

At the park office, obtain a park sticker and a map. The box is located in the very top right corner in the equestrian area, called the Sjogren Wilderness Tract. This area is also used for mountain biking after hours. It hosted the final Psycopath Series (Nebraska mountain biking series) race of the year. My brother competed in this race about an hour before I hid the box. Hence, the Psycopath Letterbox.

Warning: This is box is hidden in a spot where it can be difficult to access as you will see if you end up in the right spot. The hider is not liable for any injuries sustained during the search or find.

You want to cross the Decker Creek bridge. There are two ways to do this.

  1. Park down by the horse barn and take the gravel road north to the bridge
  2. Park near the Wild Turkey Cabins. There is a trail between Wild Turkey 7 and the bathhouse that takes you down a steep hill to that road just south of the bridge.

#2 is quicker but it is more treacherous. #1 is straight and level for the most part.

  • Cross the bridge.
  • Stay on the main, wide path for awhile. You will enter the woods and begin climbing a hill.
  • Stay on the main path (go straight) until you come to “The Gully”.
  • Descend.
  • After roughly 75 paces, you pass under a leaning fellow.
  • Another 75 paces, there is a very unique tree on the cliff wall in the direction opposite the Platte.
  • The box is hidden under leaves and bark in the main cavity.

Get to it via the safest way you can find.
Please rehide well and email me at to report your find.
Please also email me if you think it is too difficult to get the box though I may just reply “Tough” :-)