School Daze - Georgia State University  LbNA # 19043 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 19 2005
LocationAtlanta, GA
Found By Goldfinch22
Last Found Feb 25 2007
Hike Distance?

This is what the web site has to say about GSU –

Georgia State University, founded in 1913, has a mission of excellence in teaching, research and service. Located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, this major research university has an enrollment of more than 27,000 undergraduate and graduate students in six colleges. Georgia State is the second largest university in the state, with students coming from every county in Georgia, every state in the nation and from over 145 countries.

Clue –

After locating GSU in Atlanta, find the Student Center and the Urban Life Center. Go around the Student center, past the bookstore to the area between the Urban Life Center and the Student Center. At the Urban Center there is a staircase going up and a staircase going down. Go down three steps and look for the box in the bushes by the steps. It is wedged between the concrete wall and the branches.

All the usual disclaimers apply. Be careful! Hide better than found. FUN IS THE ONLY OPTION!