Margaret Chase Smith Library Letterbox  LbNA # 19045

Placed DateOct 31 2005
LocationSkowhegan, ME
Found By Water Bunnies
Last Found Aug 14 2010
Hike Distance?

This letterbox was placed to accomplish to goals. The first is to bring more people in to the town of Skowhegan. Very nice little town with many hidden treasures to explore. The second goal is to get more people to explore one of those treasures, which is the Margaret Chase Smith Library. This library is off the beaten path and holds within many surprises and discoveries about a most important woman in the history of Maine, as well as the country. She lead the way for many to follow, but never forgot where home was. Take some time when you go to learn more about her and her amazing legacy.

The library is located on Pleasant Avenue. To get more information about the library, including detailed directions, go to there web site at There is also a calender of special events held throughout the year.

To obtain the box, enter the library and look up at all the honorary degrees that have been bestowed on Margaret Chase Smith. You must figure out which college/university gave her her 42nd honorary degree (hint: there is a plaque to help you out with this). Once you have the name, you can give the information to the person at the front desk and they will bestow upon you the letterbox.

This degree was chosen because it has connections to me personally. By chosing this degree, I have connected my home, my hobby, and my past into one letterbox.

I hope you enjoy your visit to the library and the town and have gained a new appreciation for the history provided.