Weep No More For Me  LbNA # 19060 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 2 2005
LocationRound Hill, VA
Found By NeverLost
Last Found Jun 1 2008
Hike Distance?

The "Weep No More For Me" letterbox is one of five in a series called "God's Acre", a reference to an old-time expression for a small, country cemetery. There are several of these God's Acres in western Loudoun County, and it is through these back country roads that this series of letterboxes will lead you.

I have always been fascinated by the carvings and epitaphs on old weathered headstones, all the while holding the utmost respect and dignity for those souls about whom I was reading. It is to these quiet places that this series is dedicated.


From the center of Round Hill, go south on Rt. 719. Rt. 719 has six different names depending upon the section of the road you are on. You are beginning on New Cut Road, and it will shortly change to Airmont Road...but for simplicity sake, I'll just refer to this road as Rt. 719. Go several miles and cross over Rt. 734 (Snickersvilles Turnpike) at the Airmont Store. Continue on Rt. 719 for about another 2-3 miles or so. As you travel, you will pass the road bearing the name of the church and cemetery to which you are headed. In fact, you will pass it twice, but don't turn on it either time. Scrooge will be waiting for you on Rt. 719.

When you reach the double churches, turn in through the front stone gate and bear to the left, then stop. Look for the iron gate that the Gale Foundation helped to fund. Open it and step through into the old section of the cemetery. To your left, look for a set of four headstones set apart from the rest of the others. Standing in front of the headstones, look for an outcropping of rocks about 20 steps away. Annie is closest to what you're looking for, hidden behind some rocks.

Stamp in and then please rehide the box well.