Prayerful Hands  LbNA # 19061

Placed DateNov 2 2005
LocationRound Hill, VA
Found By paper trail
Last Found Jan 4 2014
Hike Distance?

The "Prayerful Hands" letterbox is one of five in a series called "God's Acre", a reference to an old time expression for a small country cemetery. There are several of these God's Acres in western Loudoun County., and it is through these back country roads that this series of letterboxes will lead you.

I have always been fascinated by the carvings and epitaphs on old weathered headstones, all the while holding the utmost respect and dignity for those souls about whom I was reading. It is to these quiet places that this series is dedicated.


From the center of Round Hill, go south on Rt. 719. Rt. 719 has six different names depending upon the section of the road you are on. You are beginning on New Cut Road, and it will shortly change to Airmont Road...but for simplicity sake, I'll just refer to this road as Rt. 719. Go several miles and cross over Rt. 734 (Snickersvilles Turnpike) at the Airmont Store. Continue on Rt. 719 for about another 2 miles or so. Turn left on Furr Rd. (Rt. 736) and follow the dirt road, going around several curves until you see the flagpole of the Rock Hill Cemetery directly ahead of you. Pull off to the side of the road and get out. Open the latch on the gate and walk to the base of the flagpole. Go 60 steps from the flagpole to the east. This will bring you to a very large oak tree. Facing the oak, turn right, and follow along the stone wall 50 steps, until you see some thick twisted vines on the otherside of the stone wall. You will be near the world's greatest mom. Behind the larger rocks of the stone wall, and under some branches you will find the "Prayerful Hands".

Stamp in and please rehide the box well.