Rabun County Park and Playground  LbNA # 19083

Placed DateNov 3 2005
LocationClayton, GA
Planted ByMountainwalkers    
Found By Beachcomber
Last Found Apr 21 2007
Hike Distance?

Take 441 South of Clayton and turn left in the Rabun County Recreation Park (right before Boggs Mountain Road).

This is dedicated to dreams realized and the hard working efforts of a wonderful group of families who shared so much in the efforts to build such a wonderful place. This park was purchased by, was created by, is played on, and is deeply cared for by these people. Come Play Today!

I'm glad you've come
To have some fun.

Park to the right and back of the new big gym.
You'll be looking for this box under a limb.

Follow the rain water run-off route
Where the trees start to sprout.

On your right is the retaining wall
standing only about 2 1/2 feet tall.

Notice its concrete quickly does end
And, up to the right is a little hill to ascend.

(Above you the playground does merrily stand
Where joyful kids slide, swing, and gracefully land.)

Two small yellow pines stand before you.
Go to the bigger one on the left of the two.

Here at the base feel around.
The hidden box is on the southeast side on the ground.

This is it, the right tree, I hope you do see.
Please, when you are done, safely rehide me.